Friday, December 10, 2010

最近的心情..- Two word to describe.. Fuck Up..

(I am not emo, I am juz naturally silence)
Tiz is a quite bad week for me...
My lovely hsmate had gone for their holiday and make me less of fun..
Tht day went out for movie wit a good mood..
Then, sumone is emoing..
I feeling so fuking no mood wit it..
If u are feeling emo, plz la u might stay at home n emo urself..
I had tried my jokes and making myself so stupid and u still being emo..
The most important thg is..
I rily felt tht emo is a disease..
It influenced me..
Haiz.. Thts end my good day which i wan enjoy being in world of Narnia..

The day after the movie, i saw a notes on FB..
It's about Alviss Kong..
I rily felt so sad for him..
And the news is still keep on posting by others...
Everytime i saw i will clik n see it all over again..
Then i will feel very down..
He is juz an unknown for me, for the first time i saw his notes..
I almost cried..(as i duno it is real onot)
When i saw news about him.. i rily cried..
I rily touched by him...
Although i quite disagree wit commit suicide..
I hope my fren who dislike he commit sucide juz keep it in ur heart and dun scold...
I felt very angry wheneva i saw ppl scolding him..
First, i think we rily should respect him as he oredi dead..
Second, although committing suicide is a not rily proper way to solve everythg..
Howeva i felt tht he is rily brave..
Did u all brave enuf to commit suicide?
If u all din.. den plz Shut ur Fuck Up..
i know it is a selffish n stupid way on commit suicide..
but i know tht i rily nid a lot of courage to do it..
If he rily din being hurted so seriously.. he wont be able to do it..
I wish tht frens around me wont having the same concept wit him
where he said "it is not devil bin fault... it is my decision, as thr is only love in my world"
Haiz.. tiz is another case tht make me feel down...

The last thg i wanna talk about is first impression...
After being half year in MMU, i felt i cant make fren wit ppl by the first impression he giv me anymore...
B4 tiz... whoeva giving me bad first impression i wont diu him..
and whoeva giving me good impression i will go n make frenz wit him..
howeva.. all these thg is rily fuck up..
Sum ppl juz like to being fake..
As time passes, they revealed their real face..
B4 tiz a guy who smoke n nvr think b4 he talk...
i rily dislike him..
but now i feel tht it is nth..
rily nth...
Better than sum ppl who hide up his tail..
I duno he sensitive enuf to feel tht thr are ppl dislike him other than me onot..
but if u dont now i tell u..
if u saw my blog i know u know tht guy is u...
A ppl who gav me good impression no matter he make me feel embarrassing in front of others i oso wont mind about it..
A ppl who gav me bad impression, even if he praise me..
i oso felt tht he is so fucking fake..
Now, i wont depend on the first impression ppl gav..
but the impression he gav me after we are fren..
Nth to said oredi...
juz feeling so fuck up..

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hope u Can Feel Tht I Dislike Eu~

如果你在3年前认识我, 你这种pattern只有两种下场...
1. 你会被我玩到惨..
2. 我不会去吊你,管你要死还是怎样..
因为通常我一爆发... 一定是疯狂...